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Greater Albion Releases Three Families

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Greater Albion Releases Three Families

Greater Albion Typefounders has just released three faces on Myfonts.com.

Crewekerne, Crewekerne Magna and Crewekerne Magister are three related typeface families which speak of the villages that are at the heart of English life. They are inspired by the arts and crafts movement of the early twentieth century. Three widths – condensed, regular and expanded and three weights – regular bold and heavy are offered. Crewekerne is especially good when combined with its two complimentary families and when used in poster and design work that needs a rustic hand crafted flair but still needs to be easily legible.

Why not try them out for yourself on Myfonts.com. In the meantime, there are examples of the Crewekerne faces in use on our blog.