What is your perception of barcelona?

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Joined: 27 Aug 2009 - 8:33am
What is your perception of barcelona?

hi im Javi from http://www.inocuothesign.com from barcelona obviously, during the last 10 years i see different episodes of the activity in my town around graphic designs illustration and audiovisual inspired in graffiti roots and street culture for different clients. Galleries, exhibitions free magazines, music industry and club culture goes growing..design as a trademark bla bla bla . i kind a dream come true made in spain.
Well we restyling our activity every day and decontextualized every format or any style respecting the traditional work to jump to international. its hard but the point is:

what is the real perception of other people from Barcelona? what do you think about spanish design?

lets talk about tapas guys!!!


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Passava un any (2001) a Barcelona. Encara és la meva ciutat favorita fora de Dublin. M’encanta l’esperit d’els Barcelonins, i el disseny sempre esta una inspiració per a mi. Especialment per a la tipografia. Podria passar hores a les velles botigues de llibre o fotografiant exemples de ‘found type’. ¿Encara existeix la revista Neo2? El disseny pels llibres de Laus sempre estaven dissenyats bé. Tinc moltes carpetes de cartells i flyers recollits.

… and I’ll always remember the Caganer, what an icon!