Shorrock logo type

I want to recreate this:

Any ideas on the typefaces?


I am not sure that the 'fit' script is a font, but it is similar to http://Sacre Bleu

- Mike Yanega

SHORROCK is very close to slanted http://Corvinus Skyline.

- Mike Yanega

I can't find SUPERCHARGERS font, but http://Gaz Heavy could be tweaked to look pretty close.

The fact that none of these seem to be exactly any font I can find, either means I'm losing it, or maybe these are all hand lettered. Maybe it's my screen, or my eyes, but are all those R's the same? The S's look different to me too?

- Mike Yanega

Yeah, I'd agree the "S"s (and "R"s) look like they're different.
Is this sample as old as it looks?

It must date back to the early 60s or so :) certainly nowhere near digital :)

Thanks for your suggestions guys... even ball park is good...