Georgian Fonts in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

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Georgian Fonts in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Hi all,

Thats very good to finally found the guys who is suppling Georgian fonts to apple. The problem is, those fonts are so so ugly and very useless. We all Georgian mac users deleting two fonts: Arial Uni and this new one Menlo because almost 10 years we using our own very nice and very beautiful fonts from Mr. Reno Siradze. He is a professional and working on macs almost 25 year.

We are almost 100 mac users and have our georgian mac community and if you all believe me, we are using fonts from Reno Siradze and many years asking apple to builtin georgian fonts in the Mac OS X but nobody cares or even listens.

Please people if you have any power or ways to contact apple, ask them favour from georgian mac users to change fonts. The best fonts with georgian keybord drive are there: screenshot also can find in this link.

Kind regards