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I'm making a logo for a female choir consisting of five women. They usually sing choir versions of various pop songs. The name is spanish and means "with cream" suggesting that they are that little extra, coffe with cream as an example.

This my first rough scetch of a possible version. The five notes represent the five members of the group. Tried some colours as well.

Feedback much appreciated


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Yellow on white is a little too light to my eyes. Also Cr looks a little too much like a O.

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yes, maybe the "r" needs to be sharper at its top right curve or it needs to be more condensed over all. It just connects so tightly to the shape of the C.
Another solution would be to have the ascender height be further from the x height so the opening of the C is more prominent.

Its bugs me a bit that the right half of the "m" is larger than the left.

Besides that I think the heaviness of the strokes look nice and well balanced. The forms flow well together.

Maybe try a few variations with the notes too. Maybe some are connected by a bar like eith notes. You may have already done that.

Great start.

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Yeah I noticed that "Cr" looks like an O, need to do something about that. Thanks for the other type suggestions Pentapus, I didn't react on the "m" before but yeah it looks a little odd. Have to see if I can make it more balanced.

Working on some note variations and some other versions with another type.


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The notes seem a bit too much like clip art to me. It also makes everything just so obvious. I think it would be more interesting without them.


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