Wii"Ware" and Wii"Fit" Fontsearch


i am looking for the font of WARE and FIT in this 2 examples. The small a and t is important. I am trying to rebuild the word Cat with this font for a friends catamaran.

Thanks for your help,


sadly not Digita Sans :(

Well, 'Wii' is in Digital Sans.

Bubbly is it, I think.

With Bubbly the a is not open at the bottom and r, e and t are very different too.
Thanks for your help, but i think this is not the final font, i am looking for.

Looks like a customized version of plain Bauhaus.

Renko is wright. It's just customized Bauhaus.


Yes. Its ITC Bauhaus customized. Many Thanks.

Nintendo uses fonts for its UI (and maybe their logo too) by FontWorks. May you have to have a look there.

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Martijn van Berkel