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Logo Help: Especially with the type

I'm in the beginning stages of creating a logo and
searching for the right direction.
I am creating a logo for a music festival.
This is an identity project for class.

A little information about the festival:
Presque Isle Music Festival is a three-day nationally
acclaimed music festival featuring some of today’s most
influential artists. The headlining bands are Wilco, Justice
and Grizzly Bear. The festival has sites at Presque Isle, Little
Presque Isle and Tourist Park with the main focus based at
Presque Isle. There will be a performing stage at each site.
An extensive map directs ticketholders to their desired location,
explaining modes of transportation and displaying all of the
artist and local businesses tents. Television commercials and
radio commercials are used to help promote and advertise the
event. There is also a website about the event, history of the
locations, proceeds, and the artists. The festival will be working
in tandem with local businesses and artists. There will be a
designated area for local business and artists to place a tent
or vending stand. All proceeds will be used to aid the DNR in
their ongoing endeavor to preserve and maintain the
Escanaba River State Forrest.

I believe I am changing the name to Presque Isle Music Festival.
All critique and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Oh, the logo is supposed to be a topographic map of the island where the music festival is held.
I don't know whether or not people will be able to understand that. It is helvetica right now, only
because I am on my laptop right now and need to get font folio from my work computer.
Today I am experimenting with a more youthful logo using paint, construction paper and grid paper.
I am about to attempt some hand illustrated type, but any suggestions on typefaces would be awesome.

Thank You!

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I'm liking the direction of the first three sketches. Some thoughts:

-Why is it "Dead River music festival"? Did you mean to say "I believe I am changing the name to Dead River Music Festival." instead?
-Is the "700" from the first few sketches an important number? If not, that is a prime opportunity to incorporate the year (2010). I would also make it stand out more with a different color option.
-The transparency effect leaves room for further exploration. Perhaps your idea of a layered construction paper look could work? (There is a better way to execute this idea I think.)


p.s. Was the "." post an intentional bump? If so, don't do it anymore :) New posts are well flagged and will always receive the attention they deserve.

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Thanks for the input Penn!

"Dead River" Music Festival was the original name intended
for the music festival, but since the combination of the name
and topographic map are so ambiguous I figured I would
go with a more straightforward approach and call this festival
"Presque Isle Music Festival."

Changing the number from 700 to 2010 is a great idea.
Yeah, I plan on way more exploration with the current
concept I am working with. Tonight I will be working
with more tactile media.

Oh the "." was not a bump.. i don't know what that means, but
it was an accident I went to add on to the original post. I didn't
know that you could "edit" the original post and when I went
back I couldn't figure out how to delete the post. So I just
put a period.

Again, Thanks for your help Penn.

I appreciate it!

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I really like the concept of the toporaphic map of the isle.
In terms of type graphic relationship i am leaning to no.1 but that will probably have to be alterered depending on point of application.
You may want to look at making the shapes formed by the contour lines a bit simpler and a bit stronger to give the whole thing a grater visual presence.
On the name front, although the "presque isle music festival" is a lot more descriptive of the location which in turn helps to understand the logo it is simply not as evocative as "dead river" which sounds like a really cool festival location.
Replacing the peak height of the island with 2010 may have the problem of people reading it as the peak height, not a small hill by any stretch and a posible turn off for potential visitors. In my opinion you would be better off droping the peak height and having the year in a completely diferent location on the logo.


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The opacity-maps-based logo reminds me a bit too much of the London's Museum logo.


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I will consider all of this as
I find the right direction.

Thanks for all of your help!
I appreciate it.