Fertigo Pro Script released at MyFonts

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Here's the *link*.

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"The font nobody was waiting for."

Don't be so hard on yourself, Mr. Buivenga. :D

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Keeps me sharp ;)

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But not sharp enough I guess... the link above leads to the "regular" version for which I released a new italic.

> Here < is the link to the script.

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Very nice script. :)

PS: Wat betekent dat druppeltje in je avatar?

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Thanks. The drop means that you're obsessed.

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A very fresh alternative for Lucida handwriting :)

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Fresh indeed ;)

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Congrats again to the busiest guy in type design! I just saw it on MyFonts at this link:


I assume that is the Pro version link?

Bravo, my friend,


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Thanks a lot to the *nicest* guy in type design!

(Without the overview.html it works fine too btw)

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Nice one, Jos. :)

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Thanks, Jelmar.

Chris, I somehow missed your generous post(-it). Thanks a lot times two!!

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