Extra Slim & Extra Condensed Sans Sérif

Hey guys,

I'm looking for an extra extra slim and extra condensed sans sérif.
Any idea ?


Something like Empire, Iris or Silhouette?

Fantastic ! Thank you Renko !
Other suggestions ?

HuxleyVertical from Bitstream. Not so ultra condensed: Chalet Comprime Milan and Neutraface Condensed Thin from House. Not so light Britannic Compress D CE Medium from URW. Search also myfonts.com library. E.g. link

Maybe Bee?

Good old Univers in the http://39 Thin Ultra Condensed flavour?

What about http://Sang Bleu BP Sans Condensed?
You can even download a free trial version for testing, handy.

Sang Bleu is extraordinary !
Univers Thin Ultra Condensed, a classic !
I'm totally digging Mercano Empire Regular too (when writing DIX in captials)