TYPOS from the London College of Printing

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Does anyone have a copy TYPOS 5 published in 1982 by the London College of Printing? I'm looking for an article by David Rutt covering Eric Gill's postage stamp designs. I actually have an old photocopy of this article, but am hoping to get some scans of the illustrations. I can't find a copy locally (Boston) or even many mentions to this journal online. As always, any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Michael,

It may be a bit obvious but have you tried contacting the library or archive department at LCP or LCC as they are now?
If you have but have not had and sucess post some more details and i will have a go; as an alumni i might have a bit more luck!


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Hi Will.

I've tried searching the LCC library, but TYPOS isn't listed as being held. Actually, it seems they only have a few copies from the 60s. I think I'll take your advice and actually try writing to a real person to see what's what.

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