1960s to '80s Juke Box Title Strip Font

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This is a scan (with contrast boosted and cleaned up) of three old juke box title strips. These are just like those that the company my late father worked for, Servomation, used in their juke boxes in the Seattle area in the '60s through '80s. I wonder if this typeface was exclusive to a smaller title strip company on the west coast, because strips with this font are quite hard to find on Ebay. It's very different from the cleaner and much more common Star Title Strip Company font.

It's ALMOST identical to a font I found online called "State Evidence AOE." However, this juke box font has a "B" and a "D" that have the little "overshoot" at the top and bottom. (I don't know what that's called, but you see what I mean from the scan. Oddly, the "P" does not have that.)

I boosted the contrast on the top strip too much... the actual print on paper looks more like the three middle lines. I think I'm missing the letters F, J, K, Q, and Z. I have an apostrophe (on the word "don't" here), but no quotes or dashes.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

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Seems likely to me that this is from a mechanical printer of some kind, almost like a teletype machine. Orator type has similar half-serifs on the B and D, but G and W are not the same. I think it's effectively custom type, because it was designed for a printer, not a computer.

- Mike Yanega

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Yeah, that's kind of what I figured, Mike. I suppose I could try to make my own font, if I can get the rest of the letters and punctuation I'm missing. (Not that I really know how to do such a thing.) Or I suppose I could purchase the "State Evidence" font and try to alter the "B" and the "D." Anyway, thanks for the input.

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