Simple/modern Arabic typeface for body text in brochures

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We are looking to combine one of these Roman typefaces with an Arabic typeface:

- Helvetica
- Frutiger
- TheSans
- Fedra Sans

We're looking at the following Arabic typefaces.

Frutiger Arabic
TheMix Arabic
Fedra Arabic
Atrissi Sans

As we don't speak or read Arabic I just wanted to quickly get an idea from you about readability of the above in longer texts, e.g. brochures, articles.

We have an idea that Fedra Arabic may be quite good in terms of readability and 'normal' feel for longer texts. Would the same be true for Frutiger Arabic, TheMix Arabic, Insan and Atrissi Sans? We would use them for headlines and signs, for example, but which of them would be also suitable for longer texts? Or would we be looking at having another text font in addition to the headline font?

Thanks for any opinions.

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TheMix Arabic has actually changed to TheSansArabic

At the moment this is our favourite to use, so I'd be happy if your answers would focus on that one :)

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