Design hideousness

Ever clicked a link to some official document, expecting the usual dull tranche of Times and Arial, only to have your senses assaulted by a kaleidoscope of ghastly garishness?

Checking a list of references in an article about greenhouse gas emissions, I found myself confronted with this from those crazy cats at the International Energy Agency:

My eyes! My eyes!


80 pages of Eras as a text face. Makes me want to put some Fleetwood Mac on the turntable and mix me up a batch of piña coladas.

Wow, it's like the early nineties coughed up a hairball.

At least it's not boring! The brief must've been something like "make it colourful, not dull".

Simply stunning. I need something basic in b/w to get my eyes back in balance.

something I've only just spotted: the page numbers are all on the left, but the even numbers are higher up the page than the odds so that they bounce up and down as you go from page to page (plus that circle running off to the side margin for the evens and the bottom margin for the odds is OTT). Did someone put this together thinking "waaay cool..."?

The "TABLE OF CONTENTS" cover page is a laugh. So much for chic French design. Hee hee...
Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

Sometime in the three and a half years since I posted that entry, the file in question has been moved (or removed) from that location. Of course, there are newer versions available now. They must have modernized the template in the intervening years, right?