Century Book or Century Book Condensed

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Is it proper to set body text (columns of body text) in a condensed serif type?

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Proper? I don't know if I'd use this word. What is the use? Book? Lead-in paragraph? Call Out? Pull quote?

For a book, I'd say no, but then again, it depends upon the face you are using.

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I am using Century Book Condensed and its being used for body text. columns of body text. in an annual report.

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Because of the crispness of this face, perhaps it would be less appropriate (readable) at small sizes. But, for an annual report... one must pause. :-} Maybe you could use century book for the text at 11 or 12 pt. (too big???) and lead in paragraphs bigger in the book condensed. Only suggestions. I do like this face.

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Century Book Condensed's darkish color and generous x-height make it good for small text, but its narrowness doesn't... I think it's better for titling, where horizontal savings matter a lot. So consider something wider (unless you happen to have narrow columns).

On the other hand, narrowness (which implies tallness) does convey a certain aura of class, which is probably good for your annual report.

So assuming you don't have too much text to put in there, maybe try a lighter weight of Century Condensed, at a somewhat large size.


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Thank you Tiffany for helping me. Is there a book resource you would recommend for a newbie typesetter that specifically explains the type rules and layout (besides Bringhurst's books). My friend from Germany has told me of a great German book on typesetting and layout. But I do not read German.

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My friend from Germany has told me of a great German book on typesetting and layout. But I do not read German.

If your friend is talking about Der Typographische Raster/The Typographic Grid by Hans Rudolph Bosshard, the text is in both German and English. I do not have this one yet, but it's on my list. It's available from Nijhof & Lee.

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Try The Complete Manual of Typography by James Felici. I think everything's in there. Read the thread at Typographi.ca

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