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Hi everybody,

Here's something I started a while ago, and haven't touched in a couple of years.

It's terribly thin (something I should probably fix), so you'll probably have to zoom in alot to see the details.

Any thoughts?

application/x-shockwave-flashIronweaver preview
\Gonk\brian\My Documents\fonts\Ironweaver 002.swf (60.9 k)



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I don't have the latest Flash plug-in.
Since you're probably not using any really advanced features, could you please re-output a "lower" version?

BTW, Stephen, you're forgetting Missionary.


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Looks like wierd things start to happen if I use an older version of Flash, so here are some bitmaps for you:

They're very large, but I hope that works better for you.


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The .swf you linked to in your first
post is coming to me as

.unk stands for unknown, of course?
It seems there's something to fix here.

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Thanks for the GIFs.

Very elegant, ethereal. I can see certain magazines and such wanting to use it.

I think the UC "C" needs more flourish, the 1st UC "G" doesn't work, and the simpler UC "I" is better, except its symmetry is ungainly: try just moving one of the small horizontal joins down.

The lc : I think it should stay without flourishes, and you might check out the work of Gudrun von Hesse for possible guidance:


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I'm not sure what's happening with the link, but you can also see it at


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I love it. But why in blackletter/uncial? It's pretty epigraphic, apart from the decorated caps.
To download the flash file, just option-click and change the name to Ironweaver002.swf
It has worked for me.

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Hey! You could poke someone's eye out with that!

I see where the blackletter influences fit in. The undecorated letters remind me of Diotima, Koch Antiqua, and Nicholas Cochin.

The letters are very thin, though. Have you started bumping up against the limitations of em-square granularity? Speaking of which, also be careful of sharp, acute angles in your contours. They're usually not a problem, but can sometimes cause strange rendering artifacts on certain output devices.

Some of the decorated caps can be confusing,
since the stem widths are so close to the hairline strokes. I'll have to look at it some more before I can offer more useful advice. But you should definitely continue with it... you've got something there.

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I'm afraid this only exists right now as a great big Illustrator file, and I don't know much about actually making font files yet. Is there a limit to how small the details can be?

I've been thinking of making eveything thicker anyway.

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it looks like art deco meets blackletter to me, i love it! (nuffin's cooler than art deco!)

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This may be the first font that requires setting at 128 pts.
or greater. But no matter, it's beautiful.

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Oops. You're right.

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Hi everybody,

Stephen noticed that the links above were broken, so here's a repost... having seen the lovely blackletters in the 2007 TypeGallery, I'm quite tempted to pick this up again..

My apologies for the enormous images... the details are, perhaps, a bit too fine.

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A face with hooks! ;-)

Thanks for re-posting the images... Nice work, subtle details!

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Thanks, Ricardo! Glad you like it.

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oh i love the additions!

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