What Font is this?

Anyone have an idea what this font might be?


Maybe it's just me, but I smell a somewhat heavily* modified Helvetica Bold here. Look at the counters and (inside) curves.
(* and not very well.)

Jaysus, it's a font.
Jan, do you agree it looks like Helvetica, or do I need to get away from the computer asap?

I found the Harabara font, but I'm looking to see if there's something similar that has multiple weights... any ideas?

Thanks. M

Helvetica? Hm. Now that you mention it.
But the first thing I thought when seeing this was – freefont.
Go Dafont – sans serif category – first font listed: Harabara.

I feel like chopping up glyphs. Just to see I'm not nuts:

Green is Helvetica Bold, red is Harabara. I do not believe those points weren't stolen.
(Sorry this is so small – now I realize I could have installed the thing)

You are probably right, Nina, but this might fall into that murky area of "enough different" to escape the legal entanglement. Too bad these guys are too damn lazy to draw their own fonts from scratch :-(


...and "enough different" to be quite ugly IMHO. With the upper case letters they seem to be hoping to disguise their roots just by lopping off the top left-hand corner in a particularly unattractive way.

Hahaharabara. Yes, indeed.

Thanks for your help all.