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(x) Wood type Question - German No 2 or No 615 {Florian}

Im working on digitizing wood type
Its naming is lost i thought it is a Walbaum Fraktura but there are differences in round swashes


Basically it’s Fette Fraktur.

at some level yes but i would like to be exact as im digitizing type for letterpress shop that students can see what is available

I’m with Jan. Let’s say it’s a fette Fraktur.
Back in the days, fonts didn’t necessarily have genuine names, but were described by their genre. Almost every foundry had some fette Fraktur. The known digitizations are based on the Stempel version, which before was distributed by C.E. Weber, which in turn goes back to the one designed by Johann Christian Bauer and released by Joh. Peter Nees & Co. Of course there are differences from version to version. If you don’t know about the origin, I doubt that you can track down – or assign – a proper name.

The B and D in Fette Haenel-Fraktur are a better match. The other characters aren’t. Do you have a full alphabet?

There is no full alphabet but most fonts in shop are form Hamilton
Im split betven n Fette Haenel and Farre fraktur

:) Thank you much
Thats the one

the end of this project is of this link did some type and specimen