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feedback please: Grunwald

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Joined: 12 Sep 2009 - 12:41pm
feedback please: Grunwald

Ok, let's try again ;) (I tried under "blackletter", but no luck...)
My name is Piotr Kocybik and I'm a graphic designer, but that's completly not important :).

Until yesterday I was a quiet spectator of all the wonders of this miraculous forum, but since certain things happened i am forced to abandon my safety zone and encounter some reasonable Typophiliac feedback. Please help.

I am working on an visual identity program for 600th Battle of Grunwald aniversary (see wiki).

I've made a decision to make a logotype and it took me to the point of creating my own typeface for this particular purpose. (not the whole character set, just some glyphs – to create a sort of graphic system).

The starting point is the number: "600".Basic idea is that "6" refers to "G", as in "Grunwald". Help appreciated. – i need to pick a face for the caption to accompany the "600". "Beedicta" by Elias Bitencourt could be nice but it's not ready as far as i know.

Then comes the full name "Grunwald" – as an alterative to the "600" – i.e. without the caption.

Latter files contain other texts set using some extra characters constructed in the same manner as the firs – "600 lat", meaning "600 years" and the name "google" (maybe for the anniversary day?). There's also the thing in use.

I'd like to ask what do you think of the methaphore and the overall concept. Do You think it speaks what it should?

Please, help. Be cruel if you have to, but... whatever. I need to know.

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Joined: 19 Mar 2004 - 1:44pm

I see GOO before 600, and lat reads as lut to my eyes.

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Joined: 10 Dec 2004 - 6:27pm

Try going with a 2-storey 'a' to distinguish it from your 'u'.

And I read the '6' as a 'G', never a '6'.

- Lex

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Joined: 30 May 2006 - 10:17pm

Nice base geometry.
Some pretty clear spacing issues in the examples posted.

Agreed re: double storey a

Any development?

Paul Ducco
Logo Design Melbourne

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Joined: 25 Oct 2009 - 4:11am

I love the direction and aesthetic overall and will leave it to others to comment on specifics. To accompany your Blackface I would suggest FF Scala.