Fonts for character charts — Companion font for ITC Bodoni

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Fonts for character charts — Companion font for ITC Bodoni

Dear Typophiles,

I am looking for fonts for character charts like [[]] (only the grid/table on page 2 is relevant). More precisely, I need (1) a font suitable for fairly large glyphs in isolation, and (2) a font to use for small hexadecimal numbers of up to 6 digits (0-9, A-F).

(1) Many of the charts will contain both Latin and Greek or Cyrillic characters, so these should all come from the same font. My current favourite is [[|ParaType’s ITC Bodoni 72]] for Latin and Cyrillic. Do you think the lowercase Greek letters from [[|GTS Bodoni]] would work? (Most of the Greek uppercase letters are identical to Latin or Cyrillic letters, and many of the remaining can easily be constructed from similar Latin/Cyrillic letters.)

(1) Other alphabets are also needed, most importantly Hebrew and Arabic, but fonts for those will obviously differ from the Latin/Greek/Cyrillic. Suggestions are welcome.

(2) The hexadecimal numbers must be readable in a small size, and the font design should go well with the Latin/Greek/Cyrillic (possibly ITC Bodoni) as well as with letters from other alphabets. I was thinking of London Underground, but I am not at all sure about that. Part of the reason for using a sans serif rather than ITC Bodoni 6 is that it would presumably be more difficult to find fonts for Hebrew, Arabic and Asian scripts matching the latter.

Thanks in advance for any help and ideas.