Fonts for character charts — Companion font for ITC Bodoni

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Fonts for character charts — Companion font for ITC Bodoni

Dear Typophiles,

I am looking for fonts for character charts like (only the grid/table on page 2 is relevant). More precisely, I need (1) a font suitable for fairly large glyphs in isolation, and (2) a font to use for small hexadecimal numbers of up to 6 digits (0-9, A-F).

(1) Many of the charts will contain both Latin and Greek or Cyrillic characters, so these should all come from the same font. My current favourite is ParaType’s ITC Bodoni 72 for Latin and Cyrillic. Do you think the lowercase Greek letters from GTS Bodoni would work? (Most of the Greek uppercase letters are identical to Latin or Cyrillic letters, and many of the remaining can easily be constructed from similar Latin/Cyrillic letters.)

(1) Other alphabets are also needed, most importantly Hebrew and Arabic, but fonts for those will obviously differ from the Latin/Greek/Cyrillic. Suggestions are welcome.

(2) The hexadecimal numbers must be readable in a small size, and the font design should go well with the Latin/Greek/Cyrillic (possibly ITC Bodoni) as well as with letters from other alphabets. I was thinking of London Underground, but I am not at all sure about that. Part of the reason for using a sans serif rather than ITC Bodoni 6 is that it would presumably be more difficult to find fonts for Hebrew, Arabic and Asian scripts matching the latter.

Thanks in advance for any help and ideas.