Critique my handwriting script please.

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Hi all,
this is a work in progress but I would like some feedback please.
Let me know if the image size is ok.
Have at it guys.
It also includes Greek, mono and polytonic.
Many thanks

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If it was done without the computer, i'd say you've got sure hands and good teachers ;). "I" stands out so you might have a strong personality... It makes me think of comic books and cats, don't ask why.

To be honest, it took me a while to figure it's a script font, the first suspect is "I", give it one more alternative and i'm sorted. Other thing is "you" – contextual alts give same glyphs in same exact words, pity you cannot switch it to "random alternatives", could be nice for script faces.

What is it's intended use ?


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Hi Inni,
thanks for the feedback, this is better than seeing an astrologer!!! cool
Actually I had some wonderful teachers,and as for the hands..others' opinions are always more truthful.!!
The I's do have some variation, separations on the vertical at the bottom, at the top, no breaks and a regular one...four at the moment.They are used according to a few variables. The variations might not be so obvious in the picture, but it does show 3.
I can adjust it to give more variety in the y's and the ou ligatures. I think its more obvious because of the passage that Ive chosen as an example but I take your point.
As for the intended use, purely personal use or if anyone would want to buy it that would be great too. As for the reason for doing it...
One to get a true handwriting font, and secondly just as a labour of love...this is my first font, and self taught.

Glad you like it though.
Kindest regards

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The modern Greek needs more work on it but its usable.

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