Please Help. ID Font


Does anyone know what typeface is being used on this graphic design exhibition poster?
The font in question is the large type in the middle of the poster which is on top of the image.

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Any comments will be much appreciated. If anyone knows of something similar then that would be a great a help.

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Similar to Courier Sans by Lineto. In general these über-hip (rounded) mono-ish designes are typical of Lineto and DGV. A2SWHK also do a lot of custom stuff that is somewhat in the same genre.

Thank you very much for your comment frode frank, I really appreciate it.

It's really hard to find good looking fonts such as this one. I need to find a good blog site dedicated to typefaces so I can stop pestering people here for the answers :D

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This is by far the best place to find answers as most of us really really love type and didn't just jump the trend. Start browsing the Typowiki, follow links to related threads and do your own searches based on what you are wondering about!