Why is my font smaller than others?

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I have been having some problems lately.
I transfer my letters from Illustrator into Fontographer (holding down option while copying and pasting), clean it up, kern it, and finally suitcase it. Yet when I use it in Illustrator it's always smaller than other fonts (ie. Any 24pt script font appears larger than my script font at 24pt ).

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I am overlooking? I would greatly appreciate it if you could!


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Maybe this:
Script fonts tend to need a lot of room for ascenders and descenders, and the normal practice of confining all the parts of all the glyphs (well, except like the UC A-ring or something) to the vertical Em-space makes things look tiny compared to non-script fonts (or other script fonts with projecting extenders). So try to find a happy medium between apparent size and confinement of extenders. Subsequent lines might have crashes, but you could say that's normal in a script anyway.


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I ran a test by raising my descenders and lo-and-behold the font got larger.
Thanks for the help.


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