Italic with a swash

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a beautiful italic with a swash.
I love Calson Italic with swashes for example.
Any other interesting one in mind ?

Thank you.


Here's something to get you started!

Poetica is beautiful. What are you going to use it for, anyway?

A magazine edito, but I think Calson Italic w/ Swashes looks way too much like the font used in the French Vogue...

Frode, I just took a look at your website.
And I looo(oooo)ve the font you used to write "noir"!!!
Is that a font you created ? And is it available anywhere to purchase / download?

Thank you! Yes, Noir is my own making. It's not 100% finished yet, but if you would like to purchase a beta license, I'd be happy to let you.

By the way, what other typefaces are you using? Who's your audience? Knowing that would make it easier to suggest something.

I just sent you a message on your gmail address ;)

Didn't get it. Sure you typed right? It's frodefrodefrode [at] :)

refresh ;)

Got it!