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Hi everyone,

My first try at font design. Would like opinions on good and bad areas.

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Hi John.

I think many of your characters contribute to setting up a good rythm in this font: the a,b,c,d,e,g,h,i,j,l,m,n,o,p,q,r, and u. OK, maybe it would have been easier to point out the ones that are breaking the rythm, but I'm trying to keep it positive :-) I like the diagonal terminals very much (f,g,j,r etc).

As for advice, let me start by saying in a heavy condensed face you are going to have "holes." Here the f and r are glaring. Consider extending the crossbar on the f.

Also consider bringing the crossbar on the f and t to the same diagonal as your terminals.

As mentioned before some characters arent following your rythm: k,s,and x (v & w?) Some suggestions on how to bring them in.

k. consider echoing the feel of the h. Give it that vertical feel.

s. consider extending the terminals. Also the diagonal spine feels out of place. I think either take it up in weight (to visually match the verticals), or really take it down in weight (to match the horizontals, maybe even make it horizontal - like the e).

If you keep the v and w the same, take some weight out ie taper the stems to create more white space (particularly the bottom of the w.

x. condense it up. Echo the vertival? The n and u sitting piggyback? or just condense it.

Hope that wasn't too much negative. A as mentioned almost all of the characters are working. I'm sure my type-o-terminology is all wonky. Just some suggestions... off to a great start.

Good Luck!

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Thanks Randy.

I really couldn't find anything negative within your advice.

I work alone and sometimes lose sight of whats before me. But now I actually feel motivated and want to finish this font. Thank you... Your insight is great and valuable.

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