2 fonts needed.. a script and a serif

Much appreciated if yall know..


Burlington is ITC Benguiat

Thanks Renko.. the script seems to be close to Freehand 575 BT.. but I just haven't found an exact match yet.

Has anyone found anything closer than Freehand?

This style is sooo familiar, with these letterforms, and the shape of the S, but the closest I can find is a more vertical script called Hostess, sold by Type Revivals. The sample is from the Script Guide. Imagine it slanted.

- Mike Yanega

Also looks a lot like House Script, from their signpainter set (I think).

- Mike Yanega

You beat me to it, Mike. House's Signpainter House Script is an exact match. It also has a ligature to fix the r.

Thanks all.. Signpainter's House Script is actually a font I already have too.. should've known..

Argh, House Script it is? Funny, I tried the font twice online, as it had so many similarities, but couldn’t find a solution for the r (and the longer descender of the p?)… Good to know about that alternate.

Excellent work, Paul and Mike.