Pico Sans/Serif

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Would like the critique my creation: One screentype called Pico, drawn in a 9x6 pixels grid ... in (precariously) two versions, Sans and Serif... the two versions in version BETA...

Preview of Pico Sans/Serif

Web image here: http://fbag.vila.bol.com.br/Pico_001.jpg

Muito obrigado ;D

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good work you have here

in "pico sans" i think you should keep the secong "a", the first one looks like an "alpha" to me, i also think that the "v", "w", "x" you can make more curve, looks to rigid to me.

in the case of "pico serif" i think that you should be carefull with the "j", it can be confused with an "i" at first sight, also i think the "c", "s", "t" , "i" and "m" looks too small to me, compare to the other letters, and "x" is too thin if you look the "w" and "y", and "T" can be a little more wide.

i hope this could be usefull.........................CG

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Hola Fabio,

I am agree with cistian

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Fala, F

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PS. Why "Pico"?

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Debtor for the tips Gonzalez, Hernandez and Capeto.

This is my first screentype design, receive these tips is very important for me, thanks.

- Gonzalez, you observed points really important inside of Pico. I will go to review all these points. Thanks.

- Thanks for critique, Hernandez!

I do not know PICO. If you know resources about this, please, send for me.
PICO, in Brazil/S

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Grande CAPETO, beleza!

I go to make the alterations in font. And later I go to send one set of "extreme text uses" of the Pico Sans/Serif. Thanks for the observation.

I go to treat ORNATED version as one alternatives of regular versions...



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The translation of Pico, in english is Peak
Your meaning is:

1. the top part of a mountain that tapers to a point, or such a mountain itself.
2. the protruding bill of a cap; visor.
3. the point of highest intensity, achievement, value, position, or the like.
Example: a stock market peak ; at the peak of her development as a singer
4. any tapering, pointed protuberance or projection.

Here in Brazil, Pico is a slang for:

1. Illegal graffiti in big Builds
For example, see this Pico:

2. Very good PARTY or very COOL place!
For example: Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro is the 'PICO'

[ ]

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You could add to your list:
3. shooting heroin or cocaine or whatever into one's arm.

For a moment, I thought you might be referring to
the Renaissance philosopher, Pico della Mirandola... ;)
He seems to relate to the spirit of your design more
than any of these other meanings.

OK. Where's the text setting?

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its the cutest bitmap I've seen. I mean cute in a very good way. (just in case)

I want it

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This last meant I did not know, It could be the
meaning of Overdose. In this case alone of typography.
Overdose of the screentype, bitmapedtype, etc ;D

About Pico della Mirandola, also it did not know.
I made a search in the googke, and found this.
Interesting ;D

"To take the best elements of other philosophies
and to match them in its proper work..."

Who is not felt inspired in the work of other

I am making alterations in Pico, when I conclude
this, I sending. Ok.


[ ]

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Debtor for the commentary and
the interest ;D Thanks

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Beleza Eduardo
Is good seeing Brazilian here.
Welcome to Typophile World ;D

I remake all ascenders and descender,
i increasead in 1 pixel to improve the
legibility in texts

On proportions, also made some alterations
I go to send one preview of Pico in text use,
It goes to improve the visualization of these
presumptions problems

The name: The legend of PICO

When I thought about a name for this screentype,
PICO came me the head, being related the PICTS
and PIXELS. I also was thinking about
version PICCOLO of a type called Rialto
(Piccolo is version for small type
texts of Rialto)

I liked the word, very small, combines with one
screentype. I liked them its diverse meanings.
In the end of everything, this is the soul
screentype; Small in size, great in meaning and

Thanks for Critique

PS. Voc

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Hello F

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About Beta/German Double-s, you it reason...

I made a fast alteration, says me what it finds.
The confusion remains?

The new Beta and Double-s for PicoSans

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Putz, e ai FbAg! It's me, Macarron ! lol, how big is this world, uh ? I think there's more brazilian guys around here than americans, btw try to keep your IM online man

Remember a year later or so, when we talked about make a new pixel serif, and I showed to you my 'little son' ??(the pic right here below my name) .. So, here u are, with your first baby .. congrats pal, it looks great.

I can't wait to see how will u fit the serif caps 'M', 'Q' in a 9x6 grid .. It will be a though work !

Some draws in Pico Sans and Serif looks as the same IMHO (like low m, n, r, q, z). I think u can work better on these ones.

So, this is it. When u updated Pico, post here ASAP, I would like to see how are u doing. see ya

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Grande Anderson, beleza!
A gang latina cresce a cada dia!
Welcome to the Typophile/Forums World...

I never forgot, the first known that had the courage to start
to makeone screentype! Called Beta, oK? Send it for critique here!
Vai ser uma boa!

The production of serif version of PICO will be temporarily interrupted.
Now, i'am concentrated in the sans design.
Many characters meaningless, are of context.
I have that to concentrate in one version...

I am working in problematic characther's:

Aappears more times!

Thanks for critique ;D

[ ]

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The second version of Pico Sans

This is a set of text using the PicoSans,
already with some modifications.

The pangram in Spaniard was created by a group
called 'El huevo de chocolate'

Please, critique!

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i like it a lot

but u preffer the windows lc "w", makes more sense to me with your Pico Sans

i think the lc "y" has one pixel more, it seems too thick to me in the middle

what abaout some ligatures: "fi", "ti", "fu", "nh"(very common in portugueses

good work


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the text sample looks nice, the double-s is
better now and the curve "w" is more coherent.

but i think the ascenders' and descenders'
incoherencies should be fixed; for instance,
"d" is the same height of "l", but "f" is 1px
down. "p" and "q" have descenders longer
than "g". imho, ascenders' and descenders'
height should be the same for all characters.

also, the "t" could be reduced in 1px.
and the dots in "i" and "j" could be bigger
and higher. "j" could be widened in 1px too.

the "S" and "f" on the title are much better
than the ones shown in the settings.

and finally, i think most of the uppercase still
needs some work... most characters look narrow
to me.

sim, tenho acompanhado a lista tipografia...

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Nice, F

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actualy I

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Hola Cristian!

Debtor for the comments, I go to keep two
versions of the 'w' a bearer and another
alternative. I taste of alternative versions!

I go to work the 'y' ... It deserves ;D

The ligatures will come!


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yO, Eduardo!

This is small monsters. It seems that I do not
have more control on the project, these small
imperfections already are almost taking account
of it. Confusion in pixels, tries to prevent this.
Planning is everything, believes!

I tested its tip with the 'i' and the 'j' this
increases the contrast of the point. He was

Thks for comments, Eduardo Omine!
Valeu mesmo!

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yO! Capeto

I used 1 pixel for almost letters, was radical,
I wanted to see the characters joined. I go to
try to harmonize kerning, this goes to delay ;U
Already I made a new version of the 'z', and of
the 'k' to be conclude. Debtor for info.

You see my smaller monsters? This is BAD!
Different versions inside of
one exactly set ;|


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Hi, Anderson

I go to test a new version of 's'.
Thks for tip.

Thus that you to finish, sends for here.
I would like to see as it was the Beta after
one year


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Debtor for all the compliments,
and mainly for all you criticize them.

Thus that I to make the alterations and
corrections and magnifyings, I will send
again for here.


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