"el Tamango" - Casual flowing script


has anyone seen this script before?

I've already checked Mike's Script Guide and dafont.com
Similar ( or better ) suggestions are also welcome.


Which part(s) of the Script Guide did you check? Could be in Part 9 or 10, although I don't think it looks familiar to me.

Blue Vinyl's Eye Catching is similar. I am still looking.

- Mike Yanega

It's Pushkin Script Low, from Paratype.

- Mike Yanega

I've scanned the formal en casual flowing scripts.

It's also similar to some P22 scripts like Gauguin, although this looks a bit more amateurish compared to those.

Hey, great! Thanks a lot. Should've started my search at MyFonts :)

MyFonts has done the best job of making searching easy. They have implemented keywords quite well; "connected handwriting" found this one.

- Mike Yanega