Futuristical Robot Monospace Handwriting font

Well it might not look futuristic, but it is. This is a early draft version of a geeky new font-in-progress.

This is what I imagine my future robot's handwriting will look like. I imagine a robot would be nice enough to bestow upon me post-it's once in a while, so he'll need some kind of handwriting. I'd prefer it look like this. Most importantly is it's a monospaced, fixed width font, meaning every character has exactly the same width. Makes it easier to type out tables when you don't have any tabs available. Geeky and helpful to programmers and robots.

More important, this is a creative, charming and lively handwritten style that has a blunt quirkiness but also a bit of sketchbook free-flowing lilt. This font is dedicated to my friend lolife (www.lolife.com) who specifically requested a new monospaced font from me years ago. But this font is also for my friend Brian who requested a sarcastic font. I was able to kill two custom-font problems with this one font. Ta da!

I wrestled with the monospace problem for years, because I know programmers are frustrated by the fact that they only get about 10 good fixed-width fonts to choose from. Earlier monospace-font renderings by me were ugly failures, that solved the technical problem but looked awful. I trashed 'em and never showed anybody. It wasn't until I mixed in the font's "sarcastic" feature that I was able to really kick it up a notch and make something truly unique and special.

There's still a bit of refinement to be done, but I'm really proud of how it looks so far. The big acheivement is that if you weren't told, you might not even know it's monospace. Just looks like some jazzy handwriting.

Hope to get it up at the website, but I thought y'all might enjoy a blog entry from me once in a while...