Bicycle cards

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hey, i was wondering what the Bicycle card font is.. ? or if it even is a font..? and is that Gill sans for 'Playing cards' ? condensed? light condensed? just making sure.. thanks in advance :-) you guys are always so damn helpful

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I don't know about the Bicycle font -- I couldn't find anything really close enough to even suggest as an alternate. As for "playing cards," it actually looks like someone squeezed Gill Sans Light, rather than using an actual condensed face, but I could be wrong. Either way, mixing that and Futura Condensed together in an already bad design makes this piece just so difficult to look at. The original designer of this classic package must be turning over in his/her grave.

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You might try Letterhead Fonts, they have loads of old-time fonts.

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"Rider Back" is Futura Condensed, "Playing Cards" is a manually condensed Gill Sans Book (or Regular?), and you'll need to ask Stephen Coles about that "Bicycle". It looks like some stuff Richard Beatty might have revived.

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Or Scriptorium, Tiffany, they have those too.

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I really am a slow typer/linker. There was nobody here when I started my reply...

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