Trajan sans font pairing...

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I'm working on a project for Artisan. There primary typeface used in the logo is a slightly modified Trajan. Im trying to come up with a san-serif face that would prove complimentary. This is for a website, so it would have to be somthing solid enough to holdup against anti-aliasing at smaller sizes. about 14-16 points will be the smallest sizes used. if anyone has any thoughts they would be much welcomed.



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yes, This is something I had been considering. Thank you.

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I've heard rumor that Mr. Hermann Zapf is reviving Optima. I know that perhaps optima isn't something most of you would pick, but after visiting Rome, I have a new appreciation for the letters he designed. Both are classical in scale and inspiration. --- Just thoughts.

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Penumbra might work well, but it's only got caps.

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