ZZ Top – Tres Hombres

From the cover of ZZ Top's Tres Hombres album (1973):


wow i have this album on the top of my stack right, i kid you not! i love the inside fold... big greasy mexican dinner!

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I don't recall seeing it in any specimen books. Don't see anything like it in Solo or P-L. Might have been custom.

Since there's not a single curved line in it, this would have been a slam dunk to draw by hand, even in 1973.

How about the other style used on the cover?:

If this one is a typeface, I'd guess that the other one is as well (but anything's possible).

I would say the same about that one. The zig-zag pattern is different in the two "res" sequences, but that is probably because it was added after the letters were assembled/set/drawn. It's possible this was a film font, but definitely not a wood typeface because of the top of the "b". It wouldn't have been designed like that.

I remember listening to this album in college. Really good, as I recall. Better than their later stuff.

Mark Simonson wrote: »Better than their later stuff.«

*sigh* Unfortunately, yes.