Custom based on existing (i think)

This sample seems AWFULLY familiar to me, but i just can't place it... it's a custom font, but it looks like it's just a slightly condensed variation of an existing face. It's close to Friz Quadrata and Silverado, but I think there's a closer match. Any ideas?


I think your Silverado choice was the closest look I could find. It has a familiar feel, but I can't pin anything else down that's very close. Novarese is also a bit similar in style.

- Mike Yanega

BTW, do you know the name of the font or designer for your sample?

- Mike Yanega

Hi Mike,
it is also close to Newtext (if there were a more condensed version), Roundest, Quorum or Poppl Laudatio.


Yeah, I think i was thinking of Quorum originally as the font I had, but seeing it now, it's not that close.

Mike, unfortunately, i can't provide the source, i'm under NDA (but the font will be featured prominently in an upcoming major motion picture) - ;-)

Oh well, I've got the outlines from a PDF, I can hand-set anything i need until/if they release the font itself, or throw a temp font together in FontLab. I don't need it just yet, but i know i will soon.