Infamy, a protest typeface

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I am a Type Designer based in Canada. I am just finished with the design of
"INFAMY" which is inspired by the rubble at WTC site. Here is a sample of
the typeface. I don't know how
American people will judge the design which is a protest (as well as the
font name) against the horror, the terror and the human cruelty. Typeface will be on sale on November 11th at my Website
( a 25% donation to the UFA Widows and
Children's Fund.full_infamy_mail.gif

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Hehe. David, You suggest that Gérald might post
the font in another forum and now look what happened!
(see all other forums)

I joke, Gérald. it's good to have you on board
and I applaud the ingenuity in "Infamy".


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There are very courage and good reflection to create this typography with a very perticular apperence and idea. Like Hrant said to distribut to America I think that the rest of the world would like to use to express better the day of 11 of september and reallity of WAR. I like very must of the capitals than lowercase letters because the structure of the letters are more irregular and show better the felling of the catastrophe. The lowercase fell's me that have a repetive and regular apperence ( tratemant ). Gerald good work and good luck to distribute this honest typography to every one.

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Hello Jared!

Me too I am as dubious as you are. I don't know why your opinion and your comments "wake the Devil in me"!
Since the first time I saw the rubble at Ground Zero I got the idea to make a type with these tortured structures. A few days later, it was announced that a part of the structures will be preserved to make a memorial at WTC site. This is what decided me to start working on this design. Life isn't a garden of roses and artists (which I think I am not!) have to react their way to catastrophes or tragic events or to beautiful and nobles actions as well. "Infamy" is my way to react. I am not as famous and as smart as Picasso (I suppose you know that!!!) but remember Guernica. Do you think this masterpiece is somewhat "morbid"? I don't think it is. It is a angry shout against horror and human cruelty.
I decided to make a typeface (which is conceived to be a long lasting object) because of the iconic nature of the rubble. And also because I am not convinced your fellow citizens really want to sooth their wounds when I watch 24/7 CNN Breaking News or when I listen to interviews of ordinary people or politicians (of both sides) or when I read Time magazine or The New York Times or the Enquirer (sic!). I am not convinced too when I heard about the WTC Memorial which will integrate wreckage of the Twin Towers (with a "cross" made from the structure!!!, just enough to start a religious war!!!).

I am sure that people will use this font in the future for titles which need to refer to a symbol of human cruelty. And if they won't, it will be too bad for me.

Anyway, thank you for revealing your position in such a polite way. And I can say that I completely share your opinion about the September 11 font. I already knew this font and you know what? I found it much more morbid than mine and particularly the sample you posted! Just because it shows the action instead of showing the horrible result. Some design my peers made show a complete lack of decency.

Warmest regards

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Good evening to all my friends on this forum!

I am very very very tired!!! Working on this type drive me crazy! I'll respond tomorrow in detail to the interesting posting of Dave.

By the time being, I show you all the new stage of development of "Infamy". Many modifications occurred. Purpose of the game is: Find'em! (just kidding!).

I am very impatient to have your comments (the positive ones of course, as usual). Many thanks for the good job you do.

Warmest regards to everyone.

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High five.

I like the more recent version. I'm not sure that a type-face is the right way to express whatever needs to be expressed, but the second version, with the tattered characters, is definitely more expressive. I would tear it apart a lot more. the shapes of the trade towers columns are compelling, but the shapes of the letters are so clean and nice, it doesn't work. It feels wrong. If I were to use this face it would be silk-screened, or rubber stamped then torn to peices. The ultra-clean, CNN looking gradient doesn't help much either.

There is nothing wrong with a morbid subject-- but say something about it. Being cute or clever won't cut it here.

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first offf i don't think this is a morbid font at all. it is something the whole world has experienced. i myself contributed to the Sept. 11 fontaid 2 font. (UC "S"). from the time i woke up in my home in California to watch the second plane hit the tower,till right know, i have felt that making the glyph's for font aid was something (as a type designer) i could do for my country. and for the others glyph's in font aid, it was how the world of type designers delt with there feelings. i also submitted an "H" the looked like the WTC.(the only released the ? font)
and as for "INFAMY" i think it is GREAT, this is oviously how you are dealing with this world tragdey. i like the idea of having a version with the ground and without. and someone posted eariler that the lc looks more "controled" than the UC. don't get discourged cause a few people don't understand the drive behind the font.
keep it up and i'll be looking for it this month!( on Sunday)

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Hello to all my friends on this forum.
I've been out for a while because my priority was to refine the design of the faces in order to release good products.

I have stuctured those designs into a family which generic name is "Infamy". The family offers three different typefaces: "Ground Zero", "Towers" and "Infamy" (this last one still in development).

You can see in the pictures how different they are and what their structures have in common.

Your valuable comments are strongly welcomed and some of the guys who made suggestions will recognized that I've used some of their remarks in my final work.

For the time being, my main problem is how to publicize this family. My web site isn't enough and I don't have the money to pay for a top appearance in the results of the search engines. More, I do not have any net of connections able to efficiently inform the good persons in the good places about these faces (TV Producers, Papers and Magazines Editors, etc). If anybody has an idea about how to achieve this goal, feel free to contact me ASAP. Many thanks and my deepest grateful thoughts in advance for your help!

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Oups! Upload didn't work!

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However you decide to sell this thing, do it fast,
before this topic is no longer the flavor of the month.


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Hi Hrant!

Yes, I am aware of the time passing by...
It's a matter of means.

Take care

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Wow.... That's a chilling design, given the recent events that inspired it.

At risk of sounding nitpicky, should this perhaps have been posted to the Display forum, rather than the Bitmap/Screen forum?

That technicality aside, I really like what you have done with this rather illustrative font. Some of the bending, twisting and skewing decisions really add to the overall evocative feel.

I also think you're on more or less the right track regarding your handling of the descending lc characters.

I especially like the upper case.


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Yeah, I was beginning to think the forum
software got a virus...

The face itself is kind of chilling... which I
guess is the point.


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This comment is as large as the culture of this brave anonymous guy (or doll). He, he, he!!!

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I can't say I care for it much myself, and I'm trying to understand why. Too morbid, possibly? I was surprised to see how many designers did similar works on the Font Aid II/September Eleven face- (see You'll find several question marks contructed of planes swooping down and/or crashing into the towers. Did anyone else find these a little disturbing?


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Wow... What an interesting thread this is shaping up to be.

I completely agree with what has been said about both the September 11 font and this one. They are evocative of very unsettling reactions.

Perhaps where we differ is that I see this uncomfortable reaction as an eminently good thing; indeed, I believe that reaction to be exactly the point of both of these fonts.

The events of September 11 were, without question, some of the most abhorrent, tragic, morbid and heart-rending events I have witnessed in my lifetime. In fact, the day could easily be argued to have been the most significant world event in my lifetime.

As such, while it is certainly necessary to heal from the pain the events inflicted, it is also necessary to recognize the significance of the scars they have left behind.

Like the Nazi Holocaust, Jonestown, and countless other tragedies, little service is paid to their memories by finding only comfortable ways to remember them. Indeed, no service is done to their memory by allowing ourselves to forget or gloss over the pain they have caused. Of course there is a fine line between morbidity and boldly/proudly displaying the scars of our experience; but I do not think that efforts such as these two designs even approach such a line, and I hold that opinion completely apart from the fact that proceeds from the sale of the fonts will be donated to charities dealing with the disaster. It should be remembered that if it hadn't been for the horrific images seen on the broadcast and print news, those of us who weren't there to experience it firsthand really wouldn't have had the same sense of the depth and scope of what really happened.

Is it uncomfortable to be reminded of the images of the occupied planes slicing into inhabited buildings, or the images of terrified people jumping hopelessly from windows a hundred floors off the ground, or the images of those still-occupied buildings crumpling into twisted, grinding, smouldering piles of debris?

It is excruciating. And it should be.

Art, including in this sense typographic design, should be provocative (or evocative) when it wishes to be, and I believe that both of these fonts have achieved that goal, among others, in their own ways; "Infamy," as an evocative functional display font, and "September 11," as (at least) an evocative exercise in typographic expression.

Responses are welcomed and encouraged, as always.


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I wonder for what use this font is intended for?
It would have been a far more interessting font if you removed the ground...The way it looks now limit the font into a gimmick rather than a userfriendly set of characters.

Well..its just what I thought of your effort.


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I think you should sell this font to all the
TV stations in America - I think they'd love
to use it.


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