"PPTEK" logo font ID. I really have no idea...

Sunday breakfast in bed with the papers if anyone can spot this one:

I'm not sure it's one face, and it's take a heartbeat to live trace it and clean up, but that's not the point. :) I really should know it.

Thanks all,


PS AdminTypes: still can't upload me pic... Same server error. :(


PpTek = Handel Gothic

I initially thought that purely because of the "e" - but it's not...


It is. Medium or Bold, I’d say. Horizontally compressed (notice the relative widths of the stem and the bar of the T).

Not if you look at the lower-case "k"...

Not if you look at the lower-case “k”...

Depends on the version of http://Handel Gothic.
ITC and Bitstream don't have this k; Linotype, Elsner+Flake and URW do.

>Puts on the humble hat<

Thank you; mine's the ITC...

I shall ne'er cast my Doubting Thomas net in here again. :/