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i there everybody.... im pretty new to this font designing and this board..

www.mauricevandestouwe.nl/squirrel displays my second font..

so if some people could give me some opinions/critiques?


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Squirrel is a great name for it. It really says Squirrel to me.

As for the design, I rather like it for it's utilitarian qualities. I could find a use for it.
It reminds me of the paper clip. Which I also really like. It's a beautiful thing if you think about it. So well designed you hardly stop to think about it. But, when you do, you just have to say wow.

But I digress.

The UC *Y* throws me off a bit but I see how you got there. Same thing with the *?*. In the latter case I would like to see more space in the bowl. But again, I see what you are after - its in the style of the design.

Nice face, Very pleasant.


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i like it, the onlu thing...
... i would be carefull with the arm of the

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the turbo-heightened x-height creates some great and unique forms. looks great to me, the only thing which remotely causes me to doubt is the closeness of the dots on the lc i's. i'd not raise them, perhaps shorten the bottom a smidgeon to define the separation more.

curious: on a typography site, is one's credibility compromised in critique comments where smart quotes and apostrophes are not applied?

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