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Advice for signature style logo

Hi Guys, Im looking for some advice for this logo, a freind who's got a great writing style is doing a custom signature style logo for me (my father actually) and Im looking for advice on how best to combine the supporting text with it.

Due to the odd outline shape of the signature Im finding it hard to sit it next anything comfortably. Do any of you have any good examples or advice on how best to combine heavily scripted hand rendered styles with supporting sans serifed text like this?

Thanks for your help.

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First two are the most promising.
But use an “&”, because “|” resembles too much an “I”.
The signature’s capital “A” appears to be a little weak.

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Alaskan (not verified)

Top one has great promise. As it is now, I think it will have scaling issues. Have you tried putting "DESIGN" above the line, and "DEVELOP" below?

The wide set width of the sans font might be causing some of the uncomfortable union you speak of. I might try a sans serif that's tall, like the script is, for more unity.

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I like the bottom one! Would love to see the text optically centered below the signature.

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I don't quite get the conjugation of the verbs . . . it feels like you're telling the person looking at your logo to design, develop and consult. It doesn't read as you doing those things. The last two are definitely your best options there.


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I prefer the bottom one too!

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The brush versions have a more creative and free feel to them.

the other is a lot more reserved.

Depends what you're going for I guess.

First versions reflected best to me without knowing more.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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The bottom two.

Also, I'm not sure you NEED to put the tag line in the same block as the signature. No reason they can't be separated a bit more.