(x) Elephant magazine / Grotesque - H&FJ Knockout {Jan}

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Looking for the name of the font being used in a new magazine called elephant... the one i'm after is the large heading font. You can see it being used in the link below.


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Same *here*

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sorry i'm not after the 3-D typeface... the large black font used throughout the spreads.

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Sorry, didn’t read properly.

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Ooops, just read through the linked post properly. Sorry.

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And the beautiful Antiqua used here ... ?

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Hi Roman,
please start a new thread. Thank you.
(And that sample is too small for me)

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Sorry to reopen an old thread, but I have the same question as McKonkie...

While the typeface used is Knockout, it seems to be a rounded version. Anyone know if this available somewhere?

If not, any suggestions for an another strong (rounded) condensed headline typeface?

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