Good sans

This one is easy, I see it so many times, so I must know exact typeface... Looks like Knockout 48, but



Looks a lot like Alternate Gothic, but the S is a little more "blocky" and the G isn't exactly the same either. Other than that it's a very close match, so maybe Alternate Gothic would be a viable substitute at least?

Actually, it looks like Knockout 48 to me.

What makes you say it isn't?

I am not 100% sure that it is Knockout...

Tnx anyway

I'm fairly certain it's Knockout, but a very nice substitute could be League Gothic at The League of Moveable Type. There are small differences but I think they're nice.

God, I'd love to know this ID as well. Any pros out there know for sho?

Yeah, that's pretty damn close. The S seems to have a little less air in Knockout, could just be a lighter weight though?

No matter what it's going to be one of the Bantamweights.. I was just showing a quick comparison.. No. 47 may have been the actual match.

I'm pretty sure it's 48. Possibly of a mix of 47 and 48. The first O looks like it might be a different pt size or something.