This seems something similar to Times, but I know it's not. Any suggestions?


Could be (New) Century Schoolbook.

I don't think I agree with the Century Schoolbook IDs, because the serifs on the E and T seem larger than in this sample. There are a boatload of Century-like types. I think it will take some close comparisons to nail this down, but I think Ray Larabie's Marion is closer, as is Corona, and even some of Carter's Miller family for Font Bureau. I am basing this mainly on the E serifs, so I need to look at more details.

Have you looked at any of those?

- Mike Yanega

On further examination I don't think any of the three I mentioned are particularly good matches, especially Miller which has the wrong 't'. Unless the serif detail has been lost in this fuzzy scan, I still have trouble with Century Schoolbook, in spite of the way the lowercase seems very close, including the flat serifs. Because of the x-height, I think Paul's suggestion is closer, but the E, L and T serifs don't seem right.

- Mike Yanega

it seems like it is Century Schoolbook. I am not 100% sure also because the image is a bit blurred!
Thank you all!