Sans serif

It looks a lot like so other sans-serif faces and although this seems commonly used I can't quite pinpoint what this is.

Help, please? Thank you.


Adrian Frutiger’s lovely Avenir.

It’s Gotham, actually.

Sure? I thought it was Gotham at first, but that top right curve of "e" looked more like Avenir to me.

Mainly because of the x-height Also look at the ‘t’.

HF&J’s type tester is to small to really see what’s going on with the t, but the x-height I should have noticed. Gotham it is.

Edit: Ah, the crossbar! I’m learning :)

Congrats, Frode ;-)

I just going to post this:

hey, thanks! and we have a discussion! we wouldn't have any of this if i had a better image to post. :P

but thanks again, i am learning too.

It's Gotham of Obama's Change fame, based on my research. It is licensed though. Any unlicensed version that looks the closest? Or anything that gives the same vibe? And no, not Futura. :)

Gotham is what I said, and Frode agreed.
What do mean by it’s licensed?
You can license it yourself *here*.

If you need a free alternative, how about Comic Sans?

Seriously though, maybe Museo Sans is what you’re looking for. It’s not 100% free, but the regular weight is free. The rest is more than worth it’s price.

Free fonts are usually crap, but Jos’ stuff is the exception.

Futura isn’t free by the way, but it comes bundled with OSX.

Yes, sorry about that. I understand. I didn't ask for the Comic Sans joke either (Thankfully, I don't have that anymore.)

Yes, it is Gotham and I have you to thank for that. I just Google-d it right after I read your answer, and found out why it looks really familiar to me. So there. :)

Sorry about the confusion. And huge thanks for all your help. :)