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Face on Bruce Mau's Getty Books

Trying to figure out what the title face is on the books that Bruce Mau recently did for the Getty. An example is here:
It may just be a version of Futura that was modified, just curious if it isn’t.


Reminds me of North Bergen, but the typeface on the cover looks bolder. Whaddayathink, Stephen?

a-HA, but there is a Bold! Click “view alphabet & order info”. Case solved!

North Bergen is close, but look at the lower case h, the counters are different. Same with the e. With the e I could buy that the differences was just a function of how the graphics were made, but the h has me wondering.

Actually, I’m full’o’crap. It’s definitely not North Bergen. Uppercas “C” for example is waaay different. This is another case of jumping to conclusions a tad too quickly.

Isn’t it just a messed-up version of VAG Bold?

seems like someone took Futura, mixed with some
characters (S, s, t) from a grotesque font like
Akzidenz and blurred the whole thing.

Naw. I know those oblong dots on the ‘i’s mean something.
I just can’t pin it down.