(x) Latin Casual

Can anyone identify this font? This is the complete upper caps set. I have the lower caps, if necessary.


The font in question


Dang. I’ve got a list of 15 fonts I’d call “latin casuals”
and none of them matches this thing. Give me a few hours.

I bow to the man from Hallmark. Welcome back, Chris.

Adding one more to the Latin Casuals list…

Yeah, I give up. If anyone wants to look through the list here, it’s all yours.

So you have a custom type classification system going, and that’s how you ID things so quickly.

If this is the case, and it actually works for non-traditional stuff (basically most of what was made in the past 15 years), I think it would be the only one of its kind… Publish it, please!

Let me ask you then, how many do you have under “Latin Slab”?


I’d like to publish it, Hrant. I was discouraged for a while
by the launch of Fontscape. But that place is limited to
the fonts in their directory, and some of the categories
are very questionable and too broad.

Show me what you mean by “Latin Slab” and I’ll check.

None of the Fontscape schemes are morphological.
Like “Latin Casual” is right on, even though it supposes you know some traditional terms.

Patria would be a rigid example, and de Groot’s Floris a softer one (although there are much softer ones).


Some of these are morphological, no?

Fontscape also has the advantage of font specimens all
on the same page, whereas I’d have to link to samples
(unless I wanted to go to the trouble to get agreements
from font vendors and host images).

Latin slabs: Most of my lists are for display typefaces.
Now, if I got paid for it, I would be much more inclusive…

Hotsytotsy, from MVB Design.

Do I win anything?

Honestly, do we even remotely look like Santa Claus to you?


Nice catch, though. Kudos!

Good one, Christopher!