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Chennai is a simplified sans serif that was first available in 2007. It also includes a number of more traditional alternate forms. I enjoying coming back to older work and making modifications and adding additional weights, and am planning a rounded slab serif based on this design. I've attached a preview image below including the thin, regular and black weights. I welcome constructive comments. Thanks!

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Oh! Cute!

Difficult to get the whole idea from this image. Would you post a pdf with character sets?

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It reminds me of the Spore font :)

Kind regards,
Martijn van Berkel

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Thank you for taking a look. A 4 pg .pdf sample with some revisions is available here:.pdf

Thanks for passing on that link to spore. Interesting!

Jeremy Dooley

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Made a few minor updates to Chennai. There are three main styles. The swash alternates add more of the curved stems/tails (line 1 and 7). The stylistic alternates convert the lowercase simple forms to more traditional, Futura like forms and the caps are the traditional forms for X W Y and A, etc, and B, D, P, etc. are not longer rounded (scattered through the preview). The titling alternates get rid of the "tails." (line 2)

Chennai PDF here.

Please take a look and give me some feedback. How is the 'e' looking?

I've also attached a preview of Chennai Slab. The lowercase ball terminals on the s are a problem. I am thinking that for the black weight, I will drop the ball terminals.

Chennai Slab PDF here.

Looking forward to your comments! They are always useful.



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Both Chennai and Chennai Slab are now available.

Jeremy Dooley

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