(x) Illuminated manuscript

does anyone know of a similar, medieval looking typeface?manuscript


Check the FF Scribe Type 1 & 2 packs from FontFont. Vintage stuff.


Looking at a very early transitional gothic here, very close to the carolingian. Amazing double storied g there.

Best bet if you want caps is Clairvaux from Linotype or else FF Carolus Magnus but I think that only comes with lowercase.

Might be worth worming your way into the anti-commercial (free) font groups that specialize in pre-fraktur/fraktur. Some amazing stuff going on about there. Dieter Speffmann etc.

Find your way at Luc Devroye’s blackletter page.

Start here


Thanks to both of you. I have found lots of good stuff. Just what I was looking for.

I have often wondered who this Luc Devroye is. His website is awfully comprehensive even if the links are not all updated.

Luc’s a character.
But make sure you don’t profess to liking him in front of font gestapo! Let’s just say he’s not a lover of Big Business.


Clairvaux and Carolus Magnus are good commercial-grade choices. Depending on how many accents you need, you should also check out Scriptorium and Callifonts.

Years ago I received a Callifonts brochure in the mail. I don’t know how complete the character sets are, but all of the designs appear to be original, although one reminds me of Ilse Schule’s Rhapsodie. Callifonts probably has the largest available selection of uncials.

Also check out the unique work at Crazy Diamond Design.


Hate to say it but if you tramp around enough you will find a digital copy of just about every face that ever existed. There are a lot of foundries (commercial/anti-commercial) concentrating on historical faces. The problem is that a lot of these are copies without any attending technical qualities. I have at least three versions of Rhapsodie and they all suck. Fraktur.com has one I’d like to buy though, one of these days. Anybody have information on their fonts, other than what they have to offer in selection? That I’ve got memorized. I actually had a few fonts of Rhapsodie in metal once upon a time. Quite a gorgeous thing.