Mexican Typography Thesis

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Mexican Typography Thesis

I'm a senior at Vassar College writing my thesis on Mexican Typography during, roughly, the first 100 years of Mexico's nationhood.

I was wondering if anyone could point me to some studies (I have already read Fernandez Ledesma's work on the 19th century) or archives of graphic design during the Porfiriato (~1880s to 1910) and Revolution of 1910. I do speak/read spanish, so that is not a problem.

who's excited for the first ATypI conference in Latin America?!

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I live in Phoenix. It is ironic that I read your post this morning. I was just looking at this:

Mexican Blackletter (Hardcover)
by Cristina Paoli

I would love to read your thesis. I love Mexican type. I want to go there later this year. I would love to know some recommendations of places to visit.

Also, any other resources or websites you have found would be appreciated.

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I am excited!