My specimen has finally joined the others on the MATD page

My specimen has finally joined the others on the MATD page.

Already there are mistakes to correct but have a look an feel free to comment in any way you wish. All feedback will be gratefully received. I am under no illusions that this is finished stuff. But I learned a great deal doing it which is deeply pleasing.

The ROP document (reflections on practice) will join soon.


Way to go, Eben! Congrats!


congrats Eben!

Nice work :) I love the idea of using Opentype calt to mimic printing pressure.

interesting work!

Thanks! A revised version may be posted soon. Thanks to Stewf and other folk who have found errors!

I'll repeat what I said in my email to Eben:

I love Arrotino and I love the text of your specimen.
I haven’t seen a more original use of OT features in a long time.
It emulates everything that makes metal type readable while
still feeling fresh and relevant for contemporary work. Amazing.
Now I see where all that research from the last couple of years was going!

Congrats, Eben! Can't wait to take a closer look.

The pdf specimen is a wealth of information. Nice!

Great stuff, Eben. Let me know when you come through New York so we can talk about Arrotino!

Will do!

This is very nice, Eben!

I think there is a mistake on page 29 with figures. "Tabular lining" should be "Tabular oldstyle".

Quite right. This will be fixed when the PDF is next updated. Thanks!

Congratulations! Truly enviable work.

Congrats, Eben! I liked your typeface very much. :-)

"Signore, è arrivato l'arrotino!"... big nostalgia.
Superb work, I can't wait to see it on the market.

I was at Barnes & Noble today looking through a slew of new novels and trying to identify the typeface. What I noticed more than anything was how light so many of them were. Even if the printing was good, the typeface itself carried so many wiry and bony characteristics that I had to put the books down.

A typeface shouldn't perfume the page with its wispy teasing; it should land on it like a large black hammer, all Götzen-Dämmerung-like and stuff, or How To Design Type with a Hammer.

You had me at: "Perhaps a new type should be a bit heavier than other book types." Yes, heavier, weighted, workhorse. I have never seen italics like that! They look almost knitted and handmade. I need to slow my eyes down and study those.

Congratulations, Eben! Looking forward to you nursing/releasing this baby into the wild.


Ben fatto! Bravo!

This does help motivate me to get the final things sorted out. Thanks!

Very pleased to see the specimen Eben!

I am hopelessly late but oh yay. That's what I call a specimen! :-)
Very interesting work, Eben. I love the contextual alts.

Thanks! I am looking forward to doing more with them as well as spending the time to weed out the ones that don't contribute enough to be worth leaving in. I am working on a way of looking at them that is more concerned with supporting glyph recognition than evenness for its sake. ( these two things are not opposed per se ). This comes out of reading Pelli and others on the subject of crowding and doing an reading speed experiment here at Reading.