Pseudo sachsen

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this is my first bit of work posted on typophile.
shown is only the upper case partial character set, (two variants of which)
but the rest, along with the lower case, will be along shortly

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i think your secind option works better, but you should rework your "N"(structuraly has nothing to do with the other characters), the"V"(Ithink is falling backwards, you should move the base a little to the left), your "R"(shoul have an open part as "B"), the "U"(i think your diagonal terminal should be the other way), the "S"(you should see how it looks with the terminal gest pointing to the inside of the character), and the "G"(move the hook upwards)

I am waiting for the "UC" and "lc", cause i think that this is a unicase version, don't it.

CG ||

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I don't see any problem with the N. It shares the same uncial/semiuncial heritage of other letters. Besides, where's written that an R should morphologically follow the logic of the B or vice-versa? Maybe the intention of John Spencer was to give each letter a different treatment. That's why I think these postings are often tricky for a beginner. They may be confusing more than helping...

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> where's written that an R should
> morphologically follow the logic
> of the B or vice-versa?

In fact quite the opposite, in a text face.


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::::: Maybe the intention of John Spencer was to give each letter a different treatment

if that was the intention his post should be at a display font, cause it necesary to keep cartain familiarity between the characters.

Beside the "N" is just two verticals with a very shy diagonal that could perfectly be solved in a curve way as in "A", "R" or "V", all these letters with a good way to solve the personality of the font.

:::::::: Besides, where's written that an R should morphologically follow the logic of the B or vice - versa?

Besides, why it has to be written to be done?


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is not written, but is obviously clear

BR comparation

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I didn't mean to be polemic, Cristian, sorry!
Being relatively new I didn't realized fully that being in the Sans Serif cathegory, Pseudo sachsen was meant to be a face for extensive textsetting.
Anyway in odd designs the B and the R could be different (I'm odd, you'll see).
I'm sorry you spent time doing the image which is useful indeed. I just thought of Pseudo Sachsen as a generic face...

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Your illustration is very useful.
But I think it's time to move forward - it's been 500 years.


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i intentionally posted this face without any introduction or basis, because i was
curious as to what kinds of classifications pseudo sachsen would receive from
my peers.

perhaps i did initially post sachsen in the wrong category, yet my intentions with
the lower case are to maintain a legible, modern sans-face while the caps possess
a bit of the display majuscule as some of the historical specimens from which i
collected reference (namely the 5th to 9th century adoption of roman characters
and written literacy into anglo-saxon, irish, visigothic and other northern european

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I'm very interested and look forward to seeing where you take the lowercase. I enjoy both versions of what has been shown as I can see a serif/semi-serf and a sans-serif version, as well as perhaps a wider version. Once set at a text size, it might work better a bit wider. (?) I can understand why some would consider this a display face, it goes against what has become expected and what we are used to using for text. It would be interesting to try this for text in small amounts for flavor. But I want you to convince us (me) that it can be used for longer texts. Perhaps once you are finished, or closer, you could set a page and create a pdf.

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By the way. I love, LOVE that A ... Yummy!


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thank you for the comments and feedback


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as you all can see, i could really use some feedback.
i'm still plugging away at this thing, and now have the first lower case exploration behind me.
interested in what people think...Uc & lc

and here is a slice of text to see some of the interaction of the letters: in the first one i'm still experimenting with a semi-serif, and the latter the sans.

samp text

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Hi John, your work is really amazing.
A couple of ideas:
-taste the 3 uppercase T

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i really like your imrovements

only a few comments

1.-in your lc "r" i think that the "nose" should be shorter, is to ackward the spacing with these one.
2.-i do like the second stem to be shorter but you should be carefull or even forget it in some characters like the "n" or "m", besides this is completely the opposite in the UC "M" and "N"
3.- Why not givin' some curvy stuff in the descender of the "x", that would tie it up with the other letterforms.
4.- in your UC "S" i think that it should be so rough in the right bottom, you should go up a little bit with that corner, the same as lc "b"
5.- in the lc "o" those corners should be more clear, like in your lc "c"
6.- lc "z" for me is too wide
7.- you should shorten a little bit the acender of lc "t", it's too disturbing

anyway, you are progressing with big steps, good work :-)


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k no no no....that uppercase B is way sexah.

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thanks to those who

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This is really fascinating work.

Entering the "B/R" debate late as I am,
I was going to disagree with Cristian
(specific to this face only) on the grounds
that the forms seemed to reflect enough
of each other to my eyes, but I quite like
the solution you presented afterward.

I like the direction you've established in the lc,
but I'd love to see more uncial forms,
especially in lc "a", "b", "d" and "r", and
perhaps "e". Check the forms in Omnia
to see more precisely what I mean.


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Hello, John -

Somewhat belatedly, but justified by my Saxon descent ;-) How may I obtain a file of the Pseudo Sachsen font, which (as I understand) has been ready for some time? Strictly for my private projects, of course.

Thanks in advance -

Ronald Kyrmse &

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