(x) Suite magazine - by Inigo Jerez {Patricia}

Now this one I think is beautiful… It is from Suite magazine, a free magazine here in Barcelona. In the back they list their type as Suite, Borneo, Luomo, Maeda, interpol, Xquare, SuiteSerif, Interfunctionnen, bonus plus and block. the designers name is Inigo Jerez. Does anyone know who he is and if he sells his font? I don’t see much record of him on the internet. Suite is beautiful.


He has an unbearably annoying website. I can’t tell if any of the fonts are for sale nor can I see actual showings of them.

Oh my GAWD what a total and utter failure of a website!
It’s driving me crazy!

wow, how did I not see that? I’ll email him and ask him myself. That website is ridiculous. i aggree.