Neighbourhood - anything similar


I really like this font but I am looking for something with more weights. An opentype face with lots of glyphs would be great too.

Things I like about this face is

- its condensed nature,
- vertical terminals on diagonal characters (e.g leg of the R)
- and the digits

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Link to Neighbourhood


You might like FF Typestar which doesn't have the vertical terminals, but does have a similar flavor.

T-Star too.

Lineto's Replica would be an excellent alternative. It does have similar terminals.

Thanks guys,

I was looking at Replica it is quite nice. Someone also mentioned Alpha headline but I find it a bit clunky (and it's not comercially available), another similar face was http:// Carplates

I find Alpha Headline far less clunky than Carplates. I forgot to mention Lineto's Simple also.


I agree about Carplates, it has real presence though.

It's funny you mention Simple, when I asked the designer of Neighbourhood if there were any references or influences he mentioned Simple. Obviously different though.