What's this font?

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Hi EveryOne,
This is my first time coming here,my name is David.Wang, from CHINA.Recently, I found a very wonderful handwriting font, but I'm realy wondering what font is it! Anybody could tell me? Or send me an E-Mail please.I would exercise my Handwriting on it.lamaqino@gmail.com

I think just want to find some Samples or PDF of it.

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Something like Scriptina,or Stephanie Marie.Like the letter R, A, and the stroke of t, also the round of W w,ect.

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I am pretty sure this is written. It may be some of Tim Girvin's earlier work. But there are a ton of others who could have done this... like Georgia Deaver or Sherry Bringham.


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Thank you,Michael! It's so kind of you. Are you that 'Machael R.Sull' who was in the web "http://handwritingrepair.info /WHAC/index.html#OurWinners"——The Handwriting Contest joiner? That machael has wrote a lots kind of handwriting styles.
I'm also want to know what that style's name in the pic is, or even at least which it almost like with. I have saveral font in my computer, and with them I could type some samples following to exercise.
So, the exact name is important to me. That style is really attract me!

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That is some beautiful lettering, indeed. Closest font I know is Arcana GMM Manuscript.

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Thank you Mr.Stephen Coles.But I finaly found what the font is or almost the same.
During my looking for it, I used thiking of it maybe Stephanie Marie, or maybe Scriptina or Olicana, but at last I made sure that is 'Corinthia'!

Of couse some letters in that pic has some diffrences, specially it was handwrite.
Also I found 2 pices of how tu train my hand.They're so great!

What ever, thank you all for helps! Good lucky!

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